Wu Wei through 2015 with BT

Wu wei is my mantra for 2015. I am going to do more of what I love and follow a path of spontaneous movement. I will breathe and rest and laugh more and do what comes most naturally to me. Wui wei is the Chinese concept of non-action or non-doing; a way of returning to a purely natural way of being and like the planets revolving around the sun, having power and energy at the same time. In my case, it can be as simple as going to Whole Foods for dinner, and letting everyone eat what they want, while I don’t have to cook it or serve it, and grocery shopping on the way out. It could mean taking a car service if I need a few extra minutes and it could totally mean getting an extra hour of childcare so I can slip in a Pilates class or workout before heading home.

I am very excited to say that making this space in my life has given me the opportunity to dream up and pull together some great classes and workshops at BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium. On the schedule we have added an exciting roster of workshops with some wonderful experts and guests. If you love Pilates or even if you are simply Pilates-curious there is something on the 2015 horizon for you. Our plan this year is to fascinate you, nurture you, and improve your life through getting to know your body. And we bring this to you effortlessly…

–Jennifer DeLuca