A Gift in Your Honor


There is nothing as deep and wide as the love I have for my children.  I will go to the ends of the Earth for them.  In danger I will shield them with my body and in their joy, I will revel until they tell me I am embarrassing them!  That maternal feeling was magnified for me recently as clients and teachers gathered to celebrate one of our very own teachers who is expecting in July. 

Of all the things that BodyTonic has achieved in the last 17 1/2 years, the thing I am the most proud of is the community.  If I ever had any doubt as to whether or not I should continue to put the blood, sweat and tears into running a business it was quickly put to rest as I sat with these beautiful people who have been pulled into our Pilates vortex.  If I could bottle up the vibe and give it away, the world would be changed forever.

You do not need to be a mom to dig to the depths of your compassion, to advocate for someone who needs you, to understand the healing of a good hug, to look to your right and left and think, I see your goodness or your struggle or your triumph and I want to wish you the very best. 


In honor of Mother’s Day, BodyTonic will be donating 10% of our profits from the weekend to WIN organization. 

70% of homeless New Yorkers are families with children. New York City is facing a homeless crisis on a scale never before seen. And, despite the perception to the contrary, a disproportionate number of the homeless are actually families, most of them led by women. These mothers, aunts, grandmothers and sisters – many of whom have fled domestic violence – are the forgotten faces of homelessness in our city.

Being a mother—both literally and figuratively—takes strength and resilience, courage and humility,  hard work and a playful attitude.  We at BodyTonic hope that we offer the environment for you to explore all of those qualities.  We want you to feel cared for, healthy and happy.

Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother in each of us.



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