Benjamin Stuber 


Benjamin has been involved with the Pilates community since 2011. After over sixteen years of professional study of numerous bodymind integration methods (The Six Viewpoints, Body Mind Centering™, Shamatha meditation), Pilates has become the central focus of his teaching. Benjamin believes that good movement is inherently healing for the total self, and continues to pursue a contemporary understanding of the original teachings Pilates brought to the world. He holds a Pilates certification from The Art of Fitness in NYC, a BA in Theatre from Oberlin College, an MFA in Theatre – Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, and in 2015 graduated from the Kathy Grant Heritage Training® taught by Cara Reeser. Benjamin continues to study with various master teachers to further enrich his understanding of Contrology.

Benjamin's Group Classes

Wednsday 7pm Tower Class  

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