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The First Time Session - The WHAT and The WHY with Jennifer DeLuca

Your Pilates teacher training program most likely provided you with a manual of exercises organized by apparatus and levels and yet when you enter the world of teaching, there is so much more to teaching actual sessions!

This is especially true when working with new clients for the first time, and that first session is the one chance we get to make a great first impression.

In this workshop we will look at the experience of the first-time client and discuss a near-perfect menu for just about anyone who walks through the door. It might seem impossible to plan a satisfying and interesting session for a person you have never met, but you will see, it is possible and a satisfying and creative experience. After this workshop you will have the tools to maximize the time your client is learning Pilates and working out, and minimize confusion, mishaps and teaching fatigue, all to add up to an enjoyable and effortless first start!

For experienced teachers you might already know that a full schedule with committed clients can be a very rewarding experience. It can also be very draining in ways we never imagined. We will keep that schedule full with greater ease and fascination by going back to the beginning. We will find more detail, deeper meaning and see more connections in the Pilates experience we are creating and developing with our clients.