Liz, a BodyTonic Pilates client


"Private Pilates sessions and group classes kept my body and mind functioning during a physically tough pregnancy."

Craig & Paul

"The Pilates teachers are amazing and BodyTonic is a fun place to be."

Craig & Paul, BodyTonic Pilates clients

Rachel, a BodyTonic Pilates client


"Not all Pilates Studios are created equal. Pilates is about integration of mind and body which is both a conscious and unconscious process."


"In the past 20 years I stuck with two things, my husband and BodyTonic. I don't think I would be as strong, flexible and confident as I am today without BodyTonic." 

Marla, a BodyTonic Pilates client

Sean, a BodyTonic Pilates client


"Between the different teachers at BT there is always a consistent theme so I can track a progression."


"There is no question that pilates has greatly improved my quality of life and has made it easier for me to adjust to getting older."

Anne, a BodyTonic Pilates client

Linda Faye, a BodyTonic Pilates client

Linda Faye

"My back and my arms are much stronger each week I come back I am able to hold my plank a little longer. Oops I forgot to mention my favorite body part that is now nice and firm and lifted .......and I just love switching it."



“I’ve spent my happiest times at BodyTonic creating a mind body connection with the help of the most qualified instructors who really understand how the body works.”