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Prenatal Pilates - Postnatal Pilates - Motherhood - Beyond

BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium has been proudly serving the Moms of Park Slope since 1999. One hour of Pilates will help you breathe better, stand taller, clear your mind, tone up and slim down.  We are happy to help you through the changes of a transformed body (and life!) after the birth of your child.  

New Client Offers

We offer Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates Private Sessions 7 days a week.  

Sunday 9am Group Prenatal Class

Reflections from the Moms of BodyTonic on their Favorite Brooklyn Pilates:

"So lovely to be able to move my body in a healthy way for pregnancy."

"This prenatal pilates class is great for strength training, balance and breathing. I actually feel like I had a good work out when I leave the studio, as opposed to prenatal yoga. Definitely going every week through the rest of my pregnancy."

"Pilates sets my body up for the day (and week) to feel great, it improves my posture, and lowers my levels of pain and discomfort. Thanks BodyTonic!"

"I absolutely love BodyTonic for prenatal pilates, because it feels like i'm actually working out as opposed to most prenatal classes which are slower and not as fast paced."

"Pilates training kept my body, and mind, functioning during a physically tough pregnancy."

"Pilates classes made my recovery from c-section birth far easier"

"Even getting into and staying in optimum feeding positions is easier thanks to Pilates”

“The results I saw were stronger core, elimination of the aches and pains, better posture, and a lot of comments that I looked slimmer with more definition."


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