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Reformer / Tower / Chair Classes at BodyTonic


Experience the Diversity and Magic of the Pilates Equipment 

Reformer Tower Chair classes offer more variety than our Towers classes in a smaller group setting.  Check out how the Reformer reforms you, the wonder of the Wunda Chair in additional to the healing powers of the Tower and the meditative nature of the Pilates Matwork.  You will be amazed at all of the movement and challenge that can be packed into one class.

*Up to 5 participants


  1. What is an RTC class?  An RTC class utilizes Reformer, Tower, Chair, Mat and accessories in any combination.  This means a class could potentially NOT use one of those apparatus. A good goal would be to spend 20 minutes on an apparatus before moving on to a different apparatus.

  2. Can I use my tower pack for RTC classes?  Yes, once and then we will convert the remaining classes into a new pack if they like.  Otherwise, they need to purchase RTC separately.

  3. Is prior experience required?  For mixed level and intermediate, it is.  For beginner classes, new clients are welcome--however we ALWAYS recommend that clients do our Private Intro Pack--no matter what they continue to study later.

  4. What is the difference between a semi-private and an RTC? Aside from the number of people and pricing,  RTC classes are taught to the level on the schedule and whoever shows up should adapt to the name of the class. And semi-privates are more tailored.  Less tailored than a private, but more tailored than an RTC. Semi-privates are not open to online booking and so we have more control over who shows up.  New clients to BT cannot jump in on a semi, without specific permission from a teacher to do so. Both Semi-private and RTC classes require clients to be more autonomous with the equipment.  Things must be put back and wiped down by the clients.

  5. What does “mixed level” mean?  Mixed level means that the teacher will have a lot of say in tailoring the class to whoever walked in.  This also means the teacher should be prepared to teach somewhere to the middle of the group. Somethings might be too hard for a student--in which case that student can should sit the exercise out or receive a modification.

  6. If I want to take both Tower and RTC classes, what purchases are best for me?  We will be offering a combo pack.  You can send interested clients to the desk and website.

  7. What if I have an equipment class pack?  These packs will be converted to RTC classes.

  8. What about students with injuries?  If a student shows up with an injury, they should be compassionately reminded that classes are for the whole group and an injury is better dealt with in a private session.  A private session can offer modifications that can be used in later in classes. Students have the option of watching exercises they are unable to do at the moment or might be offered a modification, but we cannot guarantee individualized attention in a group class.

  9. Why are two of the Reformers look different? These are archival Reformers. They have less padding and are closer in dimensions to the Reformers Joe had. We are trying these out.  


Intro Pack


3 classes for $75 1 RTC Class $40
($25 per class)
30 Day Expiration 30 Day Expiration
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Four Pack

Eight Pack

4 RTC Classes $152 8 RTC Classes $280
($38 per class) ($35 per class)
30 Day Expiration 40 Day Expiration
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