For maximum results, we recommend any combination of two or three Pilates training sessions per week.
We are happy to
help you design a workout program that is motivating, convenient and affordable with a combination of Private and/or Group Training.

Reformer / Tower / Chair Classes

Experience the diversity and magic the Pilates equipment. Reformer Tower Chair classes (RTC) offer more variety than our Tower classes in a small group setting.  You will be amazed at all of the movement and challenge that can be packed into one Pilates class. Special Beginner Pilates Reformer/Tower/Chair classes are offered throughout the week for those who are new to Pilates training on these pieces of apparatus. For those with prior Pilates Mat or Pilates Tower experience, this will be just what your body is craving!

Pilates Reformer/Tower/Chair classes are 55 minutes.  

Class size is limited to 5. Reservations are recommended.  

“Great class. Strong workout that still had individual attention.” - RTC Participant

Group Pilates Mat/Tower Classes 

To challenge your body, BodyTonic’s group Pilates Mat/Tower classes use the Pilates Tower equipment which utilizes spring tension for resistance training. In addition, you might use small weights, magic circles, foam rollers, and other props.

Pilates Mat/Tower classes are 55 minutes.  

Class size is limited to 7. Reservations are recommended.  

“Really enjoyed the class, it was a great balance of challenging but fun and approachable.” - Mat/Tower Class Participant

Private Pilates Sessions

Work one-on-one with a Certified Pilates Teacher. Private training will help you achieve your individual fitness goals through a unique, challenging exercise program tailored to your body. Private Pilates Sessions are available from our staff of Certified Teachers with over 500 hours of study and teaching experience, as well as Senior Teachers (over 4,000 hours) and Master Teachers (over 10,000 hours). In addition, we offer Apprentice sessions with our BT Teachers-in-Training for a discounted rate. Private training is available 7 days a week. All sessions are 55 minutes and by appointment.  

“I think BodyTonic is excellent--expert instruction and a great community vibe.” - Private Pilates Participant

Semi-Private Training 

Semi-private training, with three clients working out at once, provides a motivating, fun workout. Clients must have prior Pilates experience and be familiar with beginner Pilates exercises and safe use of the equipment. We have a repeating Intro to Pilates Apparatus Workshop available for new clients as well as Private training to get you up to speed. We can help you find partners at a level that is right for you. Standing appointments are available 7 days per week.  All sessions are 55 minutes. Please contact the studio for more information and to get placed in a semi-private that's appropriate for you.

Pilates For the Mommies

Prenatal - Postnatal - Motherhood - Beyond

BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium has been proudly serving the Moms of Park Slope since 1999. One hour of Pilates will help you breathe better, stand taller, clear your mind, tone up and slim down.  We are cultivating a new program, Pilates for the 4th Trimester to help new mom's through the changes of a transformed body (and life!) after the birth of your child.  

Pilates Teacher Training

We offer an exceptional Pilates Teacher Training experience in the classical method of Pilates as designed by Joseph Pilates himself. Join us at BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium for our inspiring and comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Summer Program, led by the unparalleled, 2nd generation teacher, Jennifer DeLuca. BodyTonic's Teacher Training offers you the exercises and philosophy of the life-changing method of Pilates the way that Joe intended it.  

Continuing Education 

BodyTonic Pilates offers continuing education for Pilates Teachers and teachers in training.