Pilates Teacher Training

In this Pilates Teacher Training program, Jennifer DeLuca draws on her 20 years and well over 10,000 hours of teaching to unfold to the genius of Joseph H. Pilates’ brilliant body of work. It is her passion to share this Pilates legacy with the next generation of teachers. She is dedicated to teaching students the exercises of the classical legacy with a grounded perspective on their application to everyday bodies. During BT’s Pilates Teacher Training you will get the information you need to teach, mentors to help you pull it all together and a learning center as a home base with a community of intelligent and supportive teachers and students.  

The program begins with your preparation.  We require that all applicants have learned a foundation of the beginner Pilates exercises before the first meeting date of the program.  A list of required exercises to be familiar with, can be furnished up on request.  We have an Intro to Pilates Apparatus workshop to familiarize you with these exercises and require a private session with Jennifer or other approved teacher before the seminar time begins.  The cost of the private session will be applied to your fees should you decide to enroll.  We spend roughly 90 hours in seminar for Beginner and Intermediate systems, with an additional future seminar in the Advanced system, another 15 hours, at a separate cost. You will learn the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, Barrels, Pedi-pole, and Pilates Mat exercises. In total, trainees are expected to complete 500 practice hours in a maximum time frame of 18 months. The hours are made up of seminar time and independent study time including observations, session time, practice teaching time and self practice. Your independent study hours are to be completed at BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium. This independent study time requires dedication and commitment on your part, and mentoring on our part.  We work together to get you where you need to be.  Enrollees must complete Beginner through Advanced workshops, and pass both practical and written exams to receive a BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium Certificate of Completion.  


Teachers who have completed Jennifer DeLuca’s teacher training program are currently teaching Classical Pilates around the world in places such as Paris, Austin TX, Houston TX, Atlanta GA, South Carolina, various studios in NYC and Brooklyn, Glens Falls NY, and Rhinebeck NY.
Teachers who have earned a Certificate in Classical Pilates under Jennifer DeLuca experience the following benefits in the job world:

  • The continuation of a distinguished legacy

  • In depth knowledge of the proper order of Pilates exercises

  • Why the exercise order exists and how it changes the client’s body

  • Knowledge of what to teach, when to teach it, and why, to individual clients

  • The ability to teach with fluency on the Reformer, Mat, Cadillac, Tower, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector, Small Barrel, Magic Circle, Arm Weights, and Sandbag- as well as the ability to gain additional experience on the Arm Chair, Guillotine, Foot Corrector, and Toe Corrector.

  • Confidence in teaching both private Pilates sessions and groups

  • A special, ongoing relationship with a group of pilates mentors for the rest of your career, whose goal is to support and encourage you to be and do your best and answer any questions that may come up throughout your long career as a pilates teacher.

  • In the Pilates community, the type of certification is important to most studio owners. A classical education and a solid apprentice teaching background behind a final certificate is what it takes to become hired at the majority of pilates studios around the world.



A solid foundation of the beginner Pilates exercises from a traditional perspective.  A list of pre-requisite exercises here can be furnished upon request. We offer an Intro to Pilates Apparatus Workshop that will give a thorough overview for this purpose.  Private training is an option and should be completed before beginning the program so you have first hand experience as a client yourself.  


$80-$150 - A private session with Jennifer or other approved teacher (cost will be applied to Teacher Training should you decide to enroll)
$5500 – Tuition: Beginner and Intermediate System
$750 – Advanced Weekend Seminar (This includes the Advanced weekend and printed materials)

$150 Final Exam Fee                        
Tuition price includes the beginner and intermediate training, printed materials, online and in-person support, and free studio practice time, provided there is space. All teachers-in-training receive 10% off any additional training or boutique purchases during their apprenticeship.

An estimated $1200 should be budgeted for additional training sessions in the studio. This can be split up as private, semi-private and group class instruction. We invite trainees who have followed the protocol in our program to take part in the Beginner and Intermediate Systems the following year provided there is space.  We often have work/study positions available.  Please enquire if you are interested.


We are currently redesigning BodyTonic’s Pilates Teacher Training Program. It is scheduled to return Winter 2020.

If you would like to receive information regarding Teacher Training, please email through the link below.


The Fine Print
There are no refunds once you are enrolled in the program as we have limited space.  Enrollees are expected to complete the program within 18 months.  All enrollees are required to teach clients at the 300 hour mark and 8 Community Tower classes. Should you have to re-take your practical teaching exam, there will be a $125 exam re-take fee.  



Many Pilates Teacher Training Programs do one of two things; They either drill the exercises into your brain and body in explicit manual-type form or they make up their own thing based on their changing of the system.  I do neither of those things.

I have been teaching Pilates as my sole career for 20 years.  While spending my entire lifetime studying dance, yoga, kinesiology and anatomy, what I have come to love about this system is how adaptable it is and how open it is to any individual's understanding of the human body.  As a student, Pilates converses with your own intuitive knowledge of what is good, right and balanced for YOUR body.  

As a teacher, you guide that conversation.  

In the BT training, I offer you the classical exercises and consistently come back to YOU and your understanding to achieve the best possible communication of the work.  I do not treat “classical” as something rigid and unapologetic in form—I do not want your teaching to become robotic and rehearsed,  instead I will guide your teaching to be honest and relatable. When I offer the work of Joseph H. Pilates, I honor his commitment to health, his celebration of power and athleticism with the ultimate goal being freedom in one's body.  Mr. Pilates designed this work with an open and seeking mind and a teacher’s understanding happens best within that frame.  As Romana Kryzanowska, my teacher often said, “Joseph Pilates was a genius of the body,” and his exercises and equipment are an expression of that genius.  The Pilates method brings us to the harmony of strength and mobility in our bodies, so we may move through our lives with confidence and pleasure, strength and suppleness.  The exercises illuminate this path and I share that with the BodyTonic Teachers-in-Training.

I am proud of the many graduates teaching around the globe that have come through my training in Brooklyn, New York, some with their own studios.  The BodyTonic Teacher Training program frequently attracts people from other, well-known Teacher Training programs who feel lost in the rigidity of their previous schooling and burnt out from trying to teach exactly the way they were taught, or those who feel they never learned a clear system.  I am always so saddened by that.  The body is so fascinating and this system of work is endlessly interesting and that is all so special.  We are fortunate to do what we do for a living.  I offer a path for you to delve into.  I am not going to be a rock star for you and I am not going to surround you with mentors who are on a personal journey for fame.  I will surround you with a great community of students and experts of the body with the ultimate goal of transforming lives through the Pilates method.  When you begin, you will feel that.

I am so committed to cultivating this deep understanding of the work that all apprentices in good standing* may repeat the seminars the following year.  Getting to know BodyTonic and my teaching style will be important factors in deciding whether or not to join us for Teacher Training and our Pilates Certification.  We hope that you will visit us in the studio to help make your decision.  Here is a video of me teaching, captured without my knowledge. So this is the real me, teaching a professional soccer coach during his second session on the Reformer. 


We are happy to answer any questions regarding our highly regarded Pilates Certification Program. Please email Jennifer DeLuca at jennifer@body-tonic.com and be sure to put Teacher Training in the subject line.

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