Benjamin Stuber

Benjamin Stuber | Senior Teacher

Benjamin is one of those incredible teachers who shifts the mind through movement. With the help of Pilates and Benjamin, I am pain-free and the strongest I have ever been. His background as a dancer and artist, coupled with his infectious passion for Pilates make him a gifted educator, instructor, and champion of movement.
— Cheryl G. BT Client

Benjamin has been involved with the Pilates community for nine years. After over two decades of fascinated study of numerous bodymind integration methods (The Six Viewpoints, Body Mind Centering™, Shamatha meditation, Butoh dance, Aerial Arts, Steel Mace), Pilates has become the central focus of his teaching. Benjamin believes that good movement is inherently healing for the total self, and continues to pursue a contemporary understanding of the original teachings Pilates brought to the world. He holds a Pilates certification from The Art of Fitness in NYC, a BA in Theatre from Oberlin College, an MFA in Theatre – Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance, and in 2015 graduated from the Kathy Grant Heritage Training® taught by Cara Reeser. Benjamin continues to study with various master teachers to further enrich his understanding of Contrology. He writes about Pilates and various mindbody topics at New Contrology Pilates (