Emily Hoffman

Emily Hoffman | Senior Teacher

Emily H was vey knowledgeable, caring, and thorough! I feel the results today and it feels wonderful.
— Dorothy C, BodyTonic Client

Emily has been teaching Pilates since 2008 when she completed her first Pilates training at Core Pilates NYC for mat work. Shortly thereafter she began a comprehensive certification through Romana's Pilates/True Pilates NYC working with master teachers such as Jerome Weinberg, Cynthia Shipley, and Romana's daughter Sari Mejia-Santos who had the honor of working with Joe Pilates himself.

She was first drawn to Pilates after having spinal fusion surgery at the age of 19 as a result of a spinal defect called spondylolisthesis. Her spondy was diagnosed when she was 15 years old and as a runner, she hastened the degeneration of her spinal column by continuing to run in spite of her surgeon telling her to stop. After her surgery, she finally listened to her surgeon and stopped running but needed to find some other type of physical activity that demanded both the mental and physical discipline required of her as a distance runner. Pilates did the trick.

She enjoys training clients of all ages, all body types, all strength levels, and with all types of injuries. Because of her personal experience with spinal injuries she finds helping people also suffering from spinal injuries particularly satisfying.  Her teaching style is all about strength and wellness, and making your body the healthiest and strongest it can be.

Her continuing education has included workshops with Alycea Ungaro, Shari Berkowitz, and MeJo Wiggin, and she had the honor of being part of the first group to complete Alycea Ungaro's Synthesis Mentorship Program in which she learned a variety of specialized muscle activation
techniques, advanced teaching methods, and how to work with different physical issues.

Emily enjoys working at BodyTonic because of its commitment to its clients and their growth. Emily hopes to teach her clients that injuries don't mean the end to health and strength, and that strengthening their powerhouses makes the rest of their bodies perform in the best way possible.  She is honored to be a mentor for our apprentices and certified teachers, including our BodyTonic Teacher Training graduates.