Kelly Edmonston

Kelly Edmonston | Certified Teacher


Kelly Edmonston has been making a serious study of Pilates since 2008, and has been teaching since 2012.  But  Pilates has woven in and out of her life for almost twenty years.  As an overweight, awkward, very unathletic child with very pronounced knee problems and depression, Kelly very much longed for a deep understanding of physical and mental health and fitness.  At thirteen she began working out and made a personal study of nutrition.  Between the age of thirteen and fourteen, she lost forty pounds, found ballet and jazz dance, and also some Mari Winsor VHS tapes.  Kelly didn’t know much about Pilates at that point, but she could already understand how it deepened her mind-body connection, made her body feel strong and light, and helped correct the knee issues that she had been struggling with for as long as she could remember.

 Through her teenage years and early twenties, Kelly found love for theatre, swing dancing, and yoga, and Pilates fell by the wayside for a while.  But in 2008, she found her way back to Pilates.  She’s been studying and practicing since then, and began teaching in 2012.  She was trained through Romana’s Pilates, and keeps to the original classical method as much as she knows how.  Kelly loves Pilates for so many reasons.  It has helped her work through numerous dance injuries and general alignment issues in her body, as well as her struggle with depression.  It gives her focus.  It makes her feel connected to her body like nothing else can.  She loves the discipline of the classical method, and that ir is for Every Body.  It’s made her recognize that her body and needs are different every day, and that Pilates fills all of those needs.  She loves it.  Sometimes she hates it too.  But Pilates is a practice, and perfection is not a requirement.  It’s a lifelong journey.  Take a lesson with Kelly, and she’ll help you find your path.

Kelly was an excellent instructor and taught a great class!
— BT Client
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