Madeline Mondrala

Madeline Mondrala | Certified Teacher

Madeline gave a very focussed, fast paced workout. She quickly assessed the class and adapted her teaching to our abilities. I loved the quality and consistent style Madeline had while teaching.
— Amanda L, BodyTonic Client

Madeline is originally from Venice Beach California. Her fitness roots are in gymnastics, modern dance and ballet, all of which she thoroughly enjoyed as a young adult. She moved to New York at eighteen and earned a BA at the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College, while she continued to study ballet, yoga and pilates. Before graduating Madeline became certified in the classical pilates mat program through Art of Control with Simona Cipriani. She then became fully certified through the Real Pilates training program with Alycea Ungaro. She strives to safely challenge her clients in order for them to achieve a level of fitness they may not have thought possible. She makes them laugh, sweat and use their brains to build their own mind body connection to use in real life. After injuring her hip dancing, she underwent labral tear reconstruction surgery in 2016. Her recovery process heavily involved modified classical pilates. Because of this experience she has a unique understanding of working safely with a hip injury while still getting a challenging work out. Madeline believes pilates is both a mental and physical practice that can serve as a supplement for other physical endeavors or on its own as a complete fitness regimen. 

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