Merav Cidor

Merav Cidor | Director of Studio Operations | Senior Teacher

I was never uncomfortable and left feeling stronger than I came in. Great class by Merav!
— Cristina C, BodyTonic Client

Merav received her Pilates certification in Israel at Richard Orbach’s Studio. Ever since she started working in BodyTonic she has been bridging to the classical method. She has completed continuing education with Jennifer DeLuca, Enja Schenck , Elaine Ewing and has been taking sessions with Pilates masters throughout NYC. Merav has furthered her studies in Anatomy and Movement Mechanics with Irene Dowd and Eric Franklin and explored the Feldenkreis method. She is interested in different modalities of movement but feels that Pilates is her home.  She particularly enjoys working with pre-natal clients and helping them continue their Pilates journey, post-partum.

As Director of Studio Operations at BodyTonic Pilates Gymnasium, Merav is involved in all aspects of the studio including business development, curriculum, customer service and staffing the studio.  She has been instrumental in the growth of BodyTonic since 2015.

Upcoming Events With Merav: