Peggy Gallagher

Peggy Gallagher | Senior Teacher

Peggy is obviously so well experienced and qualified to help me. She understood immediately my interests and need to prepare for knee replacement surgery and knew what she could teach me that was helpful. I did not feel that Iā€™d worked that hard but woke in the middle of the night with an awareness of ABSENCE of pain! I know it was from the work we did together!
— Diane S, BodyTonic Client

As a dance and movement educator for 25 years, Peggy brings an extensive understanding of the body to her Pilates practice. She received her certification at BodyTonic in 2003 under the direction of Jennifer DeLuca and Caitlin Cook, after completing 500+ practice hours during her apprenticeship. She has since logged hundreds of professional development hours exploring functional anatomy, kinesiology and muscle balancing with Irene Dowd, Eric Franklin, PMA and others, as well as completing the renowned FAMI workshop at Mount Sinai. As a teacher she is committed to providing a well-balanced exploration of all movements, while remaining true to her classical roots. Her goal is to assist each client in discovering and progressively building the organic connections between mind and body.

She is also on staff at The International Preschools since 1996, where she teaches Creative Movement to young children.   As a graduate of the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) at the 92st Y Harkness Dance Center she has developed extensive training in Laban Movement Analysis. In 2010 she was elevated to senior teacher at BodyTonic.